Theoretical Reflections of The virtual Child Essay

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Course Outline School: Community and Health Studies Department: Community Studies Program: Early Childhood Education Course Title: Preschool, School-Age, Specialized Field Practicum Course Code: ECEP 245 Total Course Hours: 208 Prerequisites/Co-requisites: All first semester courses ECEP 135 or ECEP 235 Eligible for Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition: Yes Originated by: Pauline Camuti, Erin Wallace, Date: June 2010 Effective Semester: Fall 2010 Approved by: ________________________________________ Chairperson/Dean Students are expected to know the contents of the course outline and to discuss with the professor any areas where clarification is…show more content…
It is College Policy to provide accommodation based on grounds defined in the Ontario Human Rights Code. Accommodation may include changes or modifications to standard practices. This document is available in alternative formats upon request. Please contact the originating department or school of study. Students with disabilities who require academic accommodations must register with the Centre for Student with Disabilities. Please see the Centre for Students with Disabilities for details. Students requiring accommodation based on human rights grounds should talk with their professors as early as possible. Details are available on the Centennial College website ( ). If students are unable to write an examination due to a medical problem or unforeseen family problems, they should immediately contact their professor or program Chair for advice. In exceptional and well-documented circumstances (e.g. unexpected family problems, serious illness, or death of a close family member), students should be able to write a make-up examination to replace an examination missed. Use of Dictionaries Dictionaries may be used in field placement. Course, Program or School Policies Students should familiarize themselves with the College Policies that cover students’ rights, responsibilities and the Academic Appeal process. For further information
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