Essay about Theories About Media's Effect on People

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Theories About Media's Effect on People

People have invented many different theories as to why and how the media can affect people.

1. 'The Hypodermic Model'

The Hypodermic model suggests that the messages from the media go directly into the minds of viewers, because they present information in such a powerful way that people immediately take it in and believe.

For example 'The John Leslie scandal'. People reading this story, especially in a tabloid would instantly think that he did rape Ulrika Johnson, even though she had never said so herself and the reader has no evidence.

2. 'The Cultivation Theory'

The cultivation theory suggests that the media create stereotypes of
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For example the relationship between Mo and Trevor on East Enders, uncovered what many people found to be distressing scenes of Domestic Violence. The BBC says that people involved in Domestic Violence may have benefited from viewing this. The victim may have obtained strength and the abuser may have seen how he/she behaved and changed for the better. It also uncovered the eyes of many people who live perfect lives to the world around them.

Moral Panics Essay

The Media Effects Us in Different Ways… =======================================

The Gratification's theory --------------------------

The Gratification's theory, is different to the other theories because all of the other theories say that the Media effects us for definite. Whereas the Gratification's theory questions whether the media does actually have an effect on us at all and if so, how it affects us.

It expresses that every person is different. The Media affects not everyone, because not everyone takes notice by reading tabloids or they do not watch certain programmes.

It also says that not everyone views the Media in the same ways. Gender, Race and Religion are just a few qualities, which can alter the effects of the media on a person. If a programme was shown on TV about Black Slavery, a black person watching the programme might be offended or upset to think that their brother's and
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