Theories About The Nature Of Language And Language Learning

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Approach brings meaning of a more wide-ranging theoretical orientation. Taking Anthony’s ideas, Richards and Rodgers (2001, p. 20) refer to approach as “theories about the nature of language and language learning that serve as the source of practices and principles in language teaching”, while method, on the other hand, is one of the ways that the approach is used in practice. Method as defined by Anthony (1963) is an “overall plan for the orderly presentation of language material, no part of which contradicts, and all of which is based upon, the selected approach. An approach is axiomatic, a method is procedural”. Through one approach, there can be many methods lie within. The term approach is used almost broadly, where the term method is no longer widely used, due to a massive response, in the late twentieth century, that it fell far from the notion of method. According to Anthony’s model, approach is the level at which the norms and views about language and language learning are identified; meanwhile method is the level at which theory is applied into a practice and choiced are made specific about the précised skills to be taught, the content to be taught and the order in which the content will be presented. Methodology, on the other hand, is defined as “the study of pedagogical practices in general. Whatever considerations are involved in ‘how to teach’ are methodological” by Brown (1994a). Chaves and Hernandez (2013) stated that metholodgy is focused on the
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