Theories And Conceptual Frameworks For Nursing Informatics

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Week 3 Translating Theories in Practice DB 6401-3
Nurses are moving from a traditional method of performing task into the technological era. As informatics nurses recognize the need to move from the traditional to a progressive approach. There are many theorist that propose change; however, Kurt Lewin the father of psychology, introduces the theory concepts, emphasizes that the group differ from the sum of its parts. The change theory presents the three-stage model of change. The Lewins model (2011) consist of the unfreezing-change-refreeze theory. The purpose of this discussion is to examine the theories and conceptual frameworks applicable to nursing informatics, view and summarize the video, and Evaluate Applications of Theories or Conceptual Frameworks to Nursing Informatics Initiative.
The video presentation by Gail Lattimer and Roy Simpson. Lattimer present the Theories and Conceptual Frameworks, which demonstrates ways nurses can use theories and concepts to engage informatics. Implementation of the Electronic Health Record (EHRs) provides a means where the nurses learn to adopt and engage technology. Technology allows the nurse to discover ways finding valid, dependable and reliable information to manage the care of the patients. Lattimer suggests nurses review the shared governance of Magnet hospitals.
Shared governance is the structure that allows professionals to move within the administrative areas. Methodist Magnet Hospital of Houston discusses shared
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