Theories And Theories Of Developmental Psychology

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Attachment states to a particular strong bond with a specific person or persons. The bond among the person is emotional and effective, and the person that an infant bond to in this way is known as an attachment figure as said by Schaffer(1977),there are three ways in which attachment can be developed. There are three ways in which attachment can be developed. The first one is when the new born baby is attached to any human; secondary, they learn to differentiate between the primary and secondary caregivers, but accept care from anyone and finally they focus attachment on a single specific attachment figure
Bowlby suggested that attachment could be understood inside the frame work of evolutionary principles, that all psychological and physical characteristics are naturally selected. A characteristic is designated because it helps those individuals who possess it to survive and reproduce. The essential principle is that any genetic behaviour that increases an individual accidental of survival and reproduction will be passed on to the next generation and thus continues to repeat in subsequent generations. The outcome is that infants are born automatic to become attached, and adult are also automated to form this kind of relationship with their infants. Social releasers are required to ensure an contact takes place. These are social behaviours that produce a care giving reaction from other, such as crying, smiling,…
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