Theories And Theories Of Learning

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Theories of Learning:

A theory of learning is defined as contemporary trends in learning. However, in my understanding, I would say that a theory of learning is a manner or way in which a person can be taught. I also believe that there are various theories to learning. To elucidate, all around the world various tutors may use different methods to teach young students. There are two methods which I will be describing in detail, Kolb’s theory from 1984 and Honey and Mumford’s theory from 1982.

>> An image portraying various learning theories.

The first theory is made by Kolb who describes how adolescents and young adults learn. He [Kolb] explains that adolescents become more attentive and concentrated after undergoing their body change. By becoming more observant and focused, information becomes more processed and is understood better. This information can then be combined with earlier experiences for better understanding. The image below depicts Kolb’s experiential learning cycle.

This cycle has only 4 factors and loops around continually. The first stage [starting at the top], called the Concrete Experience is the doing stage. This is where the individual themselves do the work or in any case, just do an action or actions.
This then leads to the Reflective Observation. After completing the task, this is where the person analyses and overviews the action that they have taken and see whether the action was beneficial or not.

Then it’s the…
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