Theories And Theories Of Personality

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Theoretical Paper Freud, Jung, Adler, and many other theorists and psychologists have provided me a full understanding towards personality thanks to their intellectual theories. Personality comes from the Latin word “Persona” meaning mask, although there exists many explanations of personality they all are an attempt to define personality. It was thanks to these theorists that I understood how many peoples personality are different and how they can deal with them. Although many of these psychologists’ theories contradicted each other this gave me an opportunity to go either way I wanted, this was really important to me for the fact that it provided me a way to somehow choose the best theoretical beliefs that would best fit me in my future works. These beliefs that I chose as being important to me were the Reciprocal Determinism created by Albert Bandura, Linear Time which was brought out by Newton on his Newtonian Time theory, and the Rational Theory. These three theories are an important asset to my understanding of personality it is due to these theories that I am able to implement what I have learned about personality and act upon this theories with others in the near future. Throughout this paper I will define, state the importance and show examples of these three theories. Reciprocal Determinism is a theory created by psychologist Albert Bandura and it states that a person’s behavior is influenced by their behavioral influences their personal factors and their social

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