Theories And Theories Of The Social Analysis Of Max Weber, Giovanni Sartori And W.b

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Concepts are a general idea about something commonly delivered as a single word or a phrase such as ‘Power’ ‘Freedom’ and ‘Revolution’. Whereas, theories are an explanation of observed data which is conveyed as reliable. As it is difficult to give one singular, finite and definitive definition to both terms, the definitions offered above are the perspective through which the two will be looked at in this essay. Concepts and theories influence political analysis through marginalising important aspects to be considered within them, stretching definitions to allow concepts to reach beyond their limits and by displaying biases through underlying assumptions. Nonetheless, this is not problematic as they allow us to think critically and widen our understanding of the political paradigm through analysing the concepts themselves and the nature through which they have been formed. This enhances political analysis as it enables us to understand problems, address questions and recognise interactions. Through referring to the works of Max Weber, Giovanni Sartori and W.B. Gallie with reference to the concept of ‘Human Rights’ the effects will further be explored. Concepts and theories are fundamentally interlinked as theories explain the relationship between concepts. As a result, there will be more of a focus on the influence of concepts as they provide the foundation for theories which will allow an in-depth analysis. When analysing politics, knowledge and understanding of the

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