Theories And Theories Of The Social Analysis Of Max Weber, Giovanni Sartori And W.b

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Concepts are a general idea about something commonly delivered as a single word or a phrase such as ‘Power’ ‘Freedom’ and ‘Revolution’. Whereas, theories are an explanation of observed data which is conveyed as reliable. As it is difficult to give one singular, finite and definitive definition to both terms, the definitions offered above are the perspective through which the two will be looked at in this essay. Concepts and theories influence political analysis through marginalising important aspects to be considered within them, stretching definitions to allow concepts to reach beyond their limits and by displaying biases through underlying assumptions. Nonetheless, this is not problematic as they allow us to think critically and widen…show more content…
As reality is in fact quite complex these concepts allow us to shrink reality which reduces complexity making it easier for us to analyse that which is being observed. This betters our understanding of politics through allowing us to simplify the political world. This is done through creating categories which make politics seem simpler to engage with and understand which shows us that concepts are in fact not problematic but helpful when analysing.

However, this is not the case as when looking further it becomes clear that are a result of simplifying there are certain implications. This is evident in Weber’s concept of the “ideal type” which states that concepts are created by putting forward the central feature of the phenomenon. This in turn marginalises other features that play a part. It becomes problematic as politics is complicated and intricate in its nature and requires every aspect to be explored. Concepts simply ignore the parts of the political world which make politics ‘political’. Ultimately leading us to fail to investigate and explore that which defines the political world. Wedeen explores this further when analysing ‘Democracy’ in the minimalist sense which constrains ourselves to simply a state level definition. Nevertheless, when looking at ‘Democracy’ further in the interpretive way it is found in places like Yemen in the Arab world
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