Theories Are Reliable Or Not?

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Organisation culture is defined as a set of multiple values, some of which include expectations, philosophy and interactions with the outer world and how the organization approaches each of these aspects (BusinessDictionary, 2014).
In this report we aim to explore three different theories regarding organisation culture and apply these theories to three businesses with different values and structures. We will go about this by using primary research we have gathered to make informed decisions on what theories suit the different businesses best and why some theories cannot be applied in certain circumstances.
After analyzing our research, comparisons and contrasts will be drawn up against the organisations we selected. This will then be used
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Schein believes that the deeper the layer within his metaphorical onion something classes, that harder that aspect of the company will be to change, these assumptions may either bring together or even separate the organisation (Miller, 2014).
Handy’s Four Types of Organisational Culture
Handy’s theory on the four types of culture separates organisational culture into four distinct categories: the power culture, the role culture, the task culture and the person culture. Handy describes the power culture as a spider web with a spider in the centre. The power culture is also built on trust and the personal commitments of individuals. He suggests that this type of culture best reflects on small businesses where there is one sole owner or very few owners. Within the power culture, the person in charge (the spider) makes the majority of decisions quickly and without consulting others. The power culture also contains polices, rules and procedures (Open University, n.d.).
The role culture is metaphorically represented as a Greek building (a building with support beams and columns) (Open University, n.d.).The beams and columns have an important role in keeping the building functional. This culture is typical of a bureaucratic organisation and is full of specialists (iWise2, 2011). Within the role culture there are sets of rules and regulations which are defined by a person 's job title and drive the organisation forward. Within the role culture, every employee is

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