Theories Behavior and Development in Health Organizations

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Theories, Behavior, and Development in Health Organizations Personal Leadership Philosophy Many people who work in a healthcare organization know and understand what is needed for them to save lives and treat illnesses but they do not know how to be lead or manage resources allocated to them. To lead means having the capability to encourage other people achieve desired results, face any challenges, and creating the future that the others envision. To manage resources means ensuring that the available resources are allocated and used effectively, ensuring there is synergy between the caregivers and coming up with good incentives and reward schemes. Without the required skills in leadership and management most healthcare practitioners when faced with huge caseloads they are not able to prioritize and manage them thus they end up stressed and this will undermine their work and quality of care they give to their patients ADDIN EN.CITE Brookfield200638(Brookfield & Smith, 2006)383817Brookfield, DavidSmith, DenisManagerial Intervention and Instability in Healthcare Organizations: The Role of Complexity in Explaining the Scope of Effective ManagementRisk ManagementRisk Management268-293842006Palgrave Macmillan Journals14603799 HYPERLINK l "_ENREF_1" o "Brookfield, 2006 #38" Brookfield & Smith, 2006). The Doctors and Nurses should be taught how to plan, organize, delegate, motivate and work in a team for them to be able to handle and perform
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