Theories For The Classification Of Culture Essay

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Theories For The Classification Of Culture A culture is a sum of attitude, values, beliefs, and customs that distinguishes a person or group of people from another. Culture is inherited from one generation to another through languages, rituals, religion, art and many other such things. In the business world, the comparing, dealing or interacting of different people from different culture, community or background is called cross culture management. It is an important function for international firm, as the success of the business depends upon the way of dealing and interacting with the employees from different culture or region. If an employee is appointed or transferred to another country .i.e host country (HCNs), he will face problems like culture, language, attitude and so on. So the employee must learn these things to be efficient. Such issues related to cross cultural management is developing nowadays, as globalization and competition is increasing. Many economist’s did research to solve this problem and came out with different model’s and theories. Today, we are going to study two of such models/theories, which are Hofstede’s model and Fons Trompenaars cultural dimension. (, 2014) Hofstede’s Model Greet Hofstede is a Dutch social psychologist who did a comprehensive study of culture across modern nations. His most popular book is Cultures and Organizations: Software of the Mind (1991). He conducted a pioneering studies of how values in
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