Theories Of Conflict Management And Describe How Christian Leaders Can Manage Their Advantage

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Conflicts Conflict is something that is constant in all relationships as well as in the work environment. People will always have different ideas, personalities, cultures and behaviors that will cause a conflict to arise. As a Christian leader in a management position it is very important to realize the different types of conflicts as well as how to ensure they are properly handled. If they are handled correctly, then a positive learning experience will occur. However, if the conflict is mishandled, the entire organization could suffer, leading to a destructive atmosphere in which to work (Thomas, 1992). This paper will discuss two theories of conflict management and describe how Christian leaders can utilize them to their advantage. Competing Conflict Competing conflict happens when a person wants to pursue their desires and beliefs, no matter the cost to the team (Prause & Mujtaba, 2015). This ends up in a win or lose situation depending on which side of the outcome you are on. The person who feels their way is right thinks they are in control and does not care about the other individuals involved. They will stop at no cost to get what they want and be well versed on the situation. Research and knowledge will be present as they defend their belief to ensure they win the conflict. People use this type of conflict in order to stand your ground on an issue that is vital to your organization, protect yourself from dominant personalities and when deciding on an
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