Theories Of Development Of Self And Personality Processes

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6. Labouvie-Vief (2005) elaborates upon Piaget’s concepts of assimilation and accommodation by explaining how affect develops. In your own words, explain how Labouvie-Vief (2005) describes the process of affect development. Provide YOUR OWN real-world example.
Theories of development of self and personality processes have centered on structural or dynamic processes. Labouvie-Vief (2005) outlines a theory, called Dynamic Integration Theory, which suggests that these two aspects can be joined by expanding on Piaget’s concept of representation as a relationship between self and object to one between a self and an other. However, since the capacity for integration depends on a context of well-regulated emotional activation, Dynamic
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Hence as in development, representations increase in cognitive complexity. The affective dynamics of self in relation to the social world are dynamically restructured as new cognitive and affective systems, which separately and eventually evolve higher-order assimilations. Reality has an inherently subjective dimension because the self assimilates it. This means that it processes it according to its own capabilities. Assimilation suggests past accommodations to the object world in which the self adapts to properties of objects and preserves them as knowledge. As a result, the individual creates internal models, or schemas that preserve this relational history and which determine the information that was extracts. This state of affairs is typically characterized as a reciprocal relation between self and object. This self-object interaction characterizes a relational totality that temporarily organizes cognition, perception, and action into schemas. The whole process of development is explained as a series of levels of such corresponding dialogues between assimilation and accommodation processes from which schemas of higher and higher levels of complexity are constructed. Piaget presumed that each level of structural complexity marked a period of relative stability and equilibrium. Stages of transition are marked by periods of relative disequilibrium. In other words, Piaget suggests a direct communication between structural and dynamic aspects of
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