Theories Of Development : Piaget's Theory Of Cognitive Development

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Piaget's theory of cognitive development In the 1960s and 1970s, the Freudian psychology was changed with the initiation of the empirical methods to study the human behavior. Psychologist and philosopher Jean Piaget empirically verified, moving towards the cognitive development theory to provide the new perspective to the individual in getting awareness about the developmental stages of the children. Just like Freud, Piaget thought that human development could only be described in stages. On the other hand, Piaget did not believe the learning and growth are linked with the repressed sexuality that Freud empathized. Piaget has given the cognitive developmental theory by having the experiment of the children, adolescents and young adults to…show more content…
In this stage, children learn the abstract concepts such as quantity, space and time. Children can also apply these concepts in real life situations, but at the same time, they face problems in thinking independently. According to Piaget, children's ideas about space and time are inconsistent sometimes, but they have basic knowledge of logic that they use for the cognitive operations. At this stage, children can learn rules very easily but face complications in having the thorough understanding of the logical implications of the rules that are changed in the unusual situations. The fourth and last stage of the cognitive development is the formal operation stage that started at the age around 12 and lasts until later life. In this stage, children become more able to have more hypothetical and theoretical reasoning. Rules can be applied to the various situations with the most effective use of ‘if' reasoning. In this stage, individuals accept the valid reasoning (Modgil, Modgil, & Brown, 2013). Educational Impact of Piaget’s Theory Piaget theory has the impact on the educational system of United States. His theory is very effective in the educational system as at. First, it has targeted attention towards the developmentally appropriate education. His theory gives insight that the educational curriculum, environment, material, and instructions should be suitable for students regarding their cognitive and physical
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