Theories Of Feminist Theory In Social Work

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INTRODUCTION The Feminist theory is a movement that acts as an activist in advocating for women’s equality concerning power and gender differences. Even though the feminist theory advocates for women equality, it involves all other issues that affect different people and all genders. Feminist theory attracts the thought of wholeness and accepting differences within the society. According to Robbins (2012) , some of the contemporary issues women face includes intimate partner violence ,human trafficking ,sexual harassment to name a few. Social work practice have the need to understand human behavior to be equipped with knowledge of why people behave the way they do so as to effectively help them and Feminist theory happen to be one of those theories that apply to the Social Work practice in understanding people’s behavior. The feminist theory applies…show more content…
Social Work and the Feminist theory share the common thought of enhancing different kinds of justices, advocate for situations that limits the benefits of human rights, having to respect the worth of all individuals and also their aims of empowerment and social change…show more content…
Social Work practices in Botswana the Department of Social and Community Development (S&CD) which employs most social work graduates Malinga & Mupedziswa (2009). The authors furthers explains that social work practice occurs within the context of social welfare systems, social welfare is the provision of social services in order to address people’s needs. It also entails a full range of organized activities of public and voluntary agencies that seek to prevent, alleviate or contribute to the solution of a selected set of social problems (Heffernan, Shuttlesworth & Ambrosino, 1997:8). In Botswana, the professional social are the key role players in the management or running of the social welfare system. They run the interventions initiated to enhance people’s

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