Theories Of First Language Acquisition

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First language acquisition is the first words that the child speaks or says and it’s the process by which the child learn, speaks and write, and it is the initial stages of language development in humans infants, children begin learning their language since they’re babies with uncorrected grammar until many years they will be able to learn the language with a perfect grammar after going to school and have some support with their family, on the psychology side, Many of psychologist have a different point of view in the first language acquisition and every psychologist have a different theory about the language acquisition. And some of the theorists says that the language is acquired while the other theorists said that the language is learnt, so every psychologist have a theory about the language acquisition, and in my essay I will be talking about the first language acquisition for the child, and if the language is learnt or acquired and more of things I will be talking about.
To sum up the introduction,
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