Theories Of Leadership Theories

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Theories of Leadership.

Leadership: What leaders do; the process of influencing a group to achieve goals.

Leadership theories are implemented in order to help increase the organizations productivity. There is not one right leadership theory, it varies depending on the organization and what job need to be done. Most managers use a combination of multiple theories depending on the job at hand. There are numerous theories that exist, however the three main fall under early leadership theories, contingency theories, and contemporary theories.
¬ Early leadership theories contain two types of theories; the trait theory and the behavioral theory.
1. Trait theory focuses on the characteristics a person has that would make him a good leader. There are seven traits
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Whether it’s a personnel issue, an upset customer or a difficult vendor, good managers can think of creative solutions to problems, then execute the solutions. Good managers are never afraid in trying new things. They are the first ones to jump in and test the waters.
• Collaboration: Good managers enable collaboration on projects and ideas that improves communication and overall productivity.
When it comes down to the type of leadership being used, IMG managers do not use one style of leadership, they choose a style depending on the challenges faced and the needs of the people involved. The types of leadership style that they follow are Transactional Leadership, Charismatic Leadership, Democratic/Participative Leadership, Laissez-Faire Leadership, and People-Oriented/Relations-Oriented
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