Theories Of Learning, Misconceptions Of Biological Classification And Assessment For Learning

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Literature Review

To inform my teaching, the literature review has been divided into three subheadings: Theories of Learning, Misconceptions of Biological Classification and Assessment for Learning (AFL). Literature was acquired from Google Scholar, teaching resources and online journals from King’s College Library and resources provided by the PGCE department. Prior to locating published literature on Google Scholar, I searched on Google to familiarise myself with general information. I used keywords such as ‘Jean Piaget Theories of Learning,’ ‘Vygotsky Theories of Learning,’ and ‘Misconceptions of Animal Classification.’ Some original literature was not located and thus, secondary literature was cited instead. Subsequently, the literature review was produced to ensure all aspects of teaching Biological Classification to year 9s are considered.

Theories of Learning

A learning theory is a conceptual framework that describes how pupils acquire, process and retain information, thereby, informing teachers on how to tackle the complex process of how pupils learn. To ensure learning, prior to planning a lesson, teachers must be well-informed of a range of teaching techniques to tackle differences in pupils’ preferred learning styles. Over the years, research on theories of learning and how pupils learn have progressed significantly and are considered below.

Jean Piaget has been given much recognition for his works on how pupils learn. With great inspiration in cognition…
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