Theories Of Management And Management

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Introduction Management exists in business and human organizations; it is the set of tasks, activities leading to achieve a common desired objectives through people and resources. Management takes place within a structured organizational scenery with specified roles. It is the framework to what management is all about. Classical school Taylor, Fayol, Weber, HR School Hawthorne, Chester Barnard Blake Mouton’s, Mayo. Classical management school had three mainstreams namely Classical Scientific school focusing on productivity and efficiency of individuals’ work, F.Taylor. Classical Administrative school emphasized the functions of management indicating how organizations should operate, H.Fayol. There also was classical bureaucracy…show more content…
According to Henri Fayol, to manage is to forecast and plan, to organize, to command, to co-ordinate and control. Those functions are to visualize future, plan for it, boost different technique structure, manage activities, check whether things go in accordance to plan, get feedback for avoiding any inappropriate activities which all in all served for the effectiveness of organization. It was suggested by Henry Fayol that management should be classified as a separate activity in business. Fayol composed five primary objectives which as he mentioned should be followed and adhered to within the managerial school. Those objectives consisted of planning, forecasting, organizing, commanding, coordinating, and controlling. Functions Fayol were elaborated and taken by many as initial definition of the field of management. Definition of them? Fayol felt that management could be studied first and then applied to managerial work. He believed that management was a non-contextual 'technical ' issue, their approach is 'prescriptive ' there is a structure to how a manager should behave in order to produce efficiency; emphasis was placed upon the need for bureaucratic structures and processes. The emergence of the staff function is originally old concept which reflects a facet of labour division. As Fayol described, as organizations grow in scope and complexity, a stage is generally reached at which it becomes necessary to seek the
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