Theories Of Marxist Theory And Conflict Theory

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Many theories have interrelated theories and derive from one another. Marxist theory has connection with labeling theory and conflict theory. Marxist theory and conflict theory explains law and criminal justice but does not oversee multi-groups conflict of society (Akers 2017). Marxist theory is a sociological model which is based on conflict of classes (Akers 2017). Marx viewed the industrial society or capitalist society from a macro point of view. Marxism is also a conflict theory, believing that the structure of society contains contradictions (Akers 2017). It underlines the exploitation of the lower class from higher class society and these contradictions lead to conflicts. Marxism has a variety of beliefs. Power is believed to be…show more content…
For some Marxists think crime reflects crime producing systems. Two types of crime are produced within a working-class society. “Crime of accommodation” and “Crimes of resistance”. “Crimes of domination and repression” are crimes committed by the ruling class (Akers 2017). Crimes have been stated to be committed by criminal justice personnel and government officials. Quinney justifies that organized crime is related to capitalist class and has domination over society.
Marxist theory has been criticized for making false proposals rather than testing theories of law makers and law enforcements. Marxist argue that responses to crime by criminal justice systems are affected by political economy (Akers 2017). Controversies has been discussed referring little to no validity within capitalism societies. Doubts have risen about historical accuracy of Marxist explanations of law operations in society. Even though references were made to contradictions of capitalism and a repressive legal system evidence is inevitable (Akers 2017). Policy implications include reform proposals that are equal for society. Eliminate mandatory sentences, increase employment opportunities, and promote community alternatives to imprisonment. All policy implications should reflect previous ineffective strategies.
Marxism and Criminal Justice Policy
Criminal justice system is taking a new approach and hardening their policies. Explain the hardening of criminal justice policy has been difficult
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