Theories Of Personality And Personality Theory

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Abstract This is an explanatory informative paper that explores theories of personality. The investigation that is included explains different views from past and present psychologists, from two different theories used in class during the semester. It is prevalent that a person development can suffer from behavioral and psychodynamic problems due to inconsistencies in their life growing up. This paper will discuss an eclectic view of ones personality in conjunct with a formulation of my own personality theory of development.

Introduction Life can sometimes become unpredictable, when it comes to personality it can vary between individuals to the point some people may be viewed as abnormal. Personality can be defined as the combination of characteristics or qualities that form an individual 's distinctive character. Each person personality can be a construct of more than one personality or can follow a specific theorist personality all the way through end of life. My own theory of personality is a collaboration with other theorist ideas but with a twist. My personality theory is called Cinderella for the females and Cinderfella for the male’s theory of personality.
Theoretical Eclecticism Practical eclecticism is the idea that treatment can and should consist of methods from various dissimilar theoretical viewpoints, without the clinician necessarily adopting the theoretical basis for those techniques. According to Lazarus (1991) there was no way to assimilate…

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