Theories Of Pro Environmental Behaviors Essay

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1) Current theories that are used to explain pro-environmental behaviors do not fully consider how variables that are internal to a person, such as knowledge and beliefs about environmentalism, impact recycling behavior.
2) As university students will be the consumers and leaders of tomorrow, this demographic’s recycling behavior is of particular interest to society. More needs to be known about how their knowledge, attitudes, and beliefs about environmentalism relate to their recycling behaviors. By doing a cross-culture comparative analysis of two groups of university students (from the University of Basque Country in Spain and the University of Reno-Nevada) it is hoped that some insights will be provided into recycling behavior.
Comments: The introduction to the article is clear in putting forth the variables previous studies have used, such as cultural orientation, self-interest, and economic factors. The article provides a smooth transition into the literature review. * Literature Review
The literature review looks at some of the theories used to study recycling behavior. It discounts the applicability of theories that emphasize rational self-interest in explaining recycling behavior, such as the Theory of Planned Behavior. The article notes that individuals must sometimes make personal sacrifices (such as time) that cannot be connected with self-interest. The literature review looks at past treatment of other variables that may explain recycling behavior,
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