Theories Of Relativity

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Theories of relativity written description:

Dylan is a tall and lean young man, not even out of high school, life on the streets is hard. He was kicked out by his mother when she found a new man,16-year-old Dylan Wallace has been panhandling on the streets, preparing for winter. Dylan panhandles barely enough money to eat. As the weather gets colder and the going gets harder Dylan wants to know what he did to deserve this life. He doesn’t want to deal drugs or turn tricks like his friends, he does not want to be one of ‘’vulture’’ slaves. Dylan can’t get a job because he has no fixed address, he’s always dirty and hungry his long dark hair often matted his head. He has turned to petty theft. He doesn't trust anyone who wants to help, like Ainsley, a former street kid now working her way through school to become a social worker.
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For example Amber one of Dylan’s friends gets pregnant and throughout the book Dylan constantly tells her to stop smoking. Or when it was Christmas and Dylan got his brothers Micha and Jordan presents even though it made him obligated to work off the money Glen loaned him. Dylan went on a 5 hour bus trip just to see if his grandpa was alive. He also feels like he needs to take care of 14 year old crush Jenna so he likes taking responsibilities on the streets and within his family. And I think that Dylan for his group of friends.

But Dylan sounds just a little too adult and middle-class to be a totally credible street kid. He’s quick to justify his own petty thefts, but it seems ironic that he casts shadows among his fellow street kids who are doing the same as he is, surviving. He is also methodically coming up with his own manual for survival, his own theories of relativity as it were, based on those of his hero, Albert Einstein. He is a very smart young man and even though he is not in school, he is learning in different ways, on the street and at Glens street
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