Theories Of Social Disorganization Theory

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Social Disorganization 1

Social Disorganization and High Crime Rates
Brianna Reyes
CRJU 3170-01
Professor Flores
November 26, 2017

Social Disorganization 2
The two theorist that developed the social disorganization theory were Clifford Shaw and Henry D. Mckay according to their book "Juvenile Delinquency in Urban Areas" they created this theory throughout research they were doing. The two theorists of the social disorganization theory were criminology researchers from the "Chicago School". Social disorganization theory is at the macro level. It looks among different communities and neighborhoods. And it studies many people in the neighborhoods not just one single individual. This theory is the most valid at the macro level because crime rates are explained better in this theory than any other. How Shaw and Mckay created
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One policy implication of the theory is community project and create social organizations. Some of the ways they can do this is clean up disorder, have recreation programs for youth and increase influence over politicians. Another policy implication is gang intervention. This is where trained gang intervention workers connect with gang members to provide crisis intervention to stop future violent situations, make peace treaties between rival gangs and provide positive opportunities to gang members like occupational training, employment and drug alcohol abuse treatment. Last policy implication of the theory is crime prevention and treatment. When neighborhoods try to get all the residents living in that neighborhood to join together to improve the neighborhood and solve local
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