Theories Of Social Imagination

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Mandy Crim Social imagination is the ability to connect the most basic, intimate aspects of an individual’s life to seemingly impersonal and remote historical forces. (Conley, 2015) Diet plans are an example of how this theory can be used. When someone starts a diet plan, ex. Atkins, low calorie, vegan, etc.., why are they starting it? Is it because they want to be more nutritious? Or are they following the latest trend in society? Are they doing it to be healthy? Or to be a certain size to fit in? If we ask ourselves these questions then we are thinking with a social imagination. For students to acquire sociological imagination they would try to look at their normal ways or ideas and find the reasons why they do them. Also, to look at the feelings behind the situation. So ask yourself, am I doing things for me or because social media, society, tv, magazines etc. are directing me? I think the easiest ways to understand this concept and start to think in these terms is to hear more examples. So, you finally decide on your destination for your upcoming vacation. Now think about why you picked that place? Are there sentimental reasons? Financial factors? Has it been advertised on tv recently? Did people…show more content…
This can be hard to do though because sometimes it’s hard to admit the real reasoning behind our decision. Sometimes it’s easier just to go with our choices and not look to much into them. It can be stressful to look at so many angles of why we are doing things. This way of thinking can also be very good for us. Are we putting our thoughts and feelings first in our decisions? Are our choices that we make benefitting us in a positive way? We should be doing things for ourselves that make us happy and not so that we fit in with society. We should evaluate our intentions behind our decisions and decide if this is our best choice. Sort of own up to the reasons why we make the choices we make
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