Theories Of The Administrative Management Theory

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According tot the Administrative Management Theory, management is the process of getting certain tasks completed through the use of people. In this theory developed by Henri Fayol, he believes that it was very important to have the use of a multiplied of people instead of just relying on one person alone. Henri Fayol is known today as the “Father of Modern Management”, his theory has shaped what is know today as the Administrative Model, which relies on Fayols fourteen principles of management. These principles have been a significant influence on modern management; they have helped early 20th century manager learn how to organize and interact with their employees in a productive way. Fayols principles of management were the ground work in which his theory was formed. He believed highly in the division of work throughout a project and within the project he believed that the task at hand had to be done with a certain level of discipline in order for the division of work to be able to run smoothly without error. Thusly he was a firm believer that in order for the management to work there must be a certain degree of authority given to one person who would be capable of the responsibility of the task at hand and this person must also be fair but firm so that order could be maintained at all times to reduce the risk of the breakdown of the simple principles of the management system. He believed that every employee should receive orders from only one person higher up on the
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