Theories Of The Extinction Of Dinosaurs

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The dinosaurs lived on earth for about 165 million years before an asteroid lead to their Extinction (Weems, Robert). Over the years, several theories have been made regarding the extinction of the dinosaurs. The first theory is that the dinosaurs died from global plagues or a supernova. The second theory is that the dinosaurs died from an asteroid hitting the earth.This paper will explain why the second theory is the correct theory. While some experts believe the dinosaurs became extinct due to global plagues or of a supernova, they were actually killed by an asteroid. The mystery has been unsolved ever since the dinosaur’s remains were found. This sparked some interest into how the dinosaurs lived and what lead to their extinction. At the time, there were about 335 different species of dinosaurs living on earth along with plants (Sumner, Thomas). At the time, all of the land on Earth was still all together, this is called pangea.…show more content…
This theory is not correct because the evidence simply doesn't add up. The first blow to this theory is how many species of dinosaurs there were living on Earth. This means it would be near impossible for a single global plague to kill every species of dinosaurs since every species had unique immune systems and could each make their own adaptations. The second blow is that plants were living on earth during the same time as the dinosaurs. When the dinosaurs died everything on the earth died and the earth went into a dark period (citation). So, if the dinosaurs became extinct due to a plague, the plants would have still survived. The next paragraph will explain how the dinosaurs actually became
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