Theories Of The Field Of Management

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In the field of management a person must manage a certain number of employees, and the optimal number is between 5 and 7 persons. These employees come from all different walks of life and each one of them has a different perspective on life and especially work. Some of these employees may have a positive attitude and are able to accomplish their work without being directed. Therefore, these type of employees would fall under theory y. On the other hand, employees that express more of a negative attitude toward work and accomplishing goals on their own are theory x employees. These two theories of employees are what managers need to focus on because these two very different types of employees need to be managed in very different ways.…show more content…
A good example of lower level employees spotting flaws in the system before high level management can be seen in any episode of the television show Undercover Boss. In each episode the CEO of the company goes undercover to work in different facilities. These CEO’s get to experience firsthand the work employees contribute to the company. The majority of the time, while the CEO’s are working with the employees, the employees talk about suggestions to change the way they perform their jobs and the way the company works. At the end the show the CEO’s reveal themselves to the employees and take their suggestions and apply them to the company. This is a great example of how the employees can make major contributions to the company if they are part of the decision making process.
One of the many problems with theory X is that it only seeks to satisfy lower level needs such as collecting a pay check. High level needs such as the company come second behind their lower level needs. Soon enough the employee’s lower level needs with no longer satisfied him/her and their quality of work will start to suffer.
Consequently, the only way that employees can attempt to satisfy their higher level needs in their work is by seeking more compensation, so it is quite predictable that they will focus on monetary rewards. While money may not be the most effective way to self-fulfillment, in a Theory X environment it may be the only way. Under Theory
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