Theories Of The Field Of Multidisciplinary Human Services : Social Exchange Theory, And Systems Theory

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QUESTION 1 Identify three theories commonly applied to research in your specialization. Compare and contrast the identified theories. Synthesize your findings and evaluate which theory is best suited to your proposed (or School-approved) dissertation topic. Theories Human Services is a disciplinary geared towards meeting the needs of people from a multiple knowledge bases ("What is human services?", 2013). Multidisciplinary human services is an approach to involving a variety of disciplines to address a topic or problem ("Multidisciplinary Human Services Specialization," n.d.). This paper will compare and contrast three commonly applied theories to research in the field of multidisciplinary human services: social…show more content…
However, there is a gap in research on FPM and permanency planning through the team approach of decision-making that is inclusive of foster parents. The school-approved topic is "How do foster parents describe the experiences and engagement in family partnership meetings and permanency planning?" This study looks to expand on the concept of foster parents as professional members of a multidisciplinary team through their engagement in FPM and permanency planning. Theoretical Framework in Research Theories are the organized concepts that help to define or understand behaviors, relationships or a phenomenon (Green, 2014). Thus, theories are the foundation of scholarly research and act as an outline to carry out a study. They are used to process and analyzing data and contribute to knowledge in literature and practice (Green, 2014; Udo-Akang, 2012). Theories are used to guide research but are also utilized in a parallel process with research to explain and to predict, explain problems, events, systems, and experiences (Udo-Akang, 2012). In a wraparound effect, studies help to advancement theories through the application of the framework to the research methodology (Green, 2014; Udo-Akang, 2012). The theory and its constructs guide the research design (Green, 2014; Udo-Akang, 2012). Existing theories are said to most likely
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