Theories Of The Mary Celeste

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It is a century old mystery that is surrounded with controversy. What happened to The Mary Celeste? This historical mystery has many theories surrounding what happened to Captain Briggs and crew. Some more accurate than others like mother nature, criminal conspiracies and, an explosion. However, the most likely of all the theories is the alcohol explosion.
The alcohol explosion is the most realistic scenario of what happened to The Mary Celeste. The Mary Celeste was carrying nine barrels of alcohol, which the barrels were made of red oak not white oak. This could be a reason why the barrels were found empty. The reason is red oaks are more porous, which leads to a slow leakage through them. This creates alcohol vapor in the hold. Along with the barrels being red oak, the barrels were tied together with steel bands. All the bands had to do was rub together to cause friction and let off a spark which would create an explosion. So when captain Briggs heard or saw the start of the explosion, he would order everybody into the lifeboat. But some may wonder why they couldn’t get back to the boat with the rope that connects the lifeboat to the boat. Well they may have been in such a frantic that they were not able to tie the lifeboat to the boat or their rope broke and they were whisked away by mother nature. The only thing that doesn’t confirm this theory is that when the boat was found there were no burn marks. This would suggest that there was no explosion. However, this is the
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