Theories Of Theories And Theories

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Foundational Theories Throughout the years, we have encountered many great thinker and they have develop numerous great theories and concepts. These theories place emphasis on our personality, behavior, and development. Over the years, they have showing to be very essential due to the fact that they help us have a deeper knowledge on the way we function, our lifestyle and why we behave the way we do. Psychodynamic model Initially, Sigmund Freud was the most influential thinker of his days and was known as the father of the Psychoanalytic theory. His theory was developed based on the belief that our behavior is impact by our thoughts and motivation outside of our consciousness. The experience from our childhood can greatly affect our behavior, meaning that our wants and needs can shape the way we behave regardless if we’re not conscious of them. Freud was able to test his theories, based on his observation he established a concept that describe the development as a series of psychological stages. He clarified what occur during each stage and how they can have a long time effect on our behavior we fail to move across these stages properly. Freud’s psychoanalytic personality theory have three main component, the Id, ego and superego which work together to make a complex human behavior. Freud’s work have influence many other thinkers such as Fred Adler and Erickson. Adler believes that our behavior derived from our need for

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