Theories Of Theory And Theory Of Play

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There are many different theories of play throughout time and many theorists who have supplied us with many reasons to consider their theories to have truth. A theory is an idea that is suggested or presented as possibly true but that is not known or proven to be true (Merriam Webster,nd).In terms of play theories of play are described as important because they are conceptual lenses through which we view play and that directly affect how we respond to children’s play behavior(Beyer&Bloch,1996). These theories are divided into two large groups; Classical theory and Modern theory. Each of these theories have different theories that are associated with each theory. The theories from classical and modern have contrast and also comparisons. Throughout the paper readers will learn about the practice theory and the cognitive theory. Both in which you may see children engage in today The two theories that will be compared are Vygotsky vs practice theory in play.
When looking at how cognitive theory can affect us in our social everyday life, we can easily see how it can affect how and why we do certain things. Many things in our lives are determined by who is around us and also by what is going on in our surroundings. People such as our parents and friends can play a huge role as to how we interact with others. Along with the obvious of the people around us effecting how we act and what we decide to do, the environment can also play a crucial role in our cognitive though process.…

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