Theories Of Xero

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Trait perspective theory:
This theory determines the personal characteristics of successful leaders to predict leadership ability in others. This theory is applicable to Xero as it views leadership as a large set of different traits or qualities. It has suggested a list of personality traits or characteristics which must be present in a person for his success as a leader which the members of xero have. Trait theory can be defined as a set of theories that seek personal, social or intellectual traits that differentiate leaders from non leaders. There are innate traits and acquirable traits:
Innate traits: innate traits are those which are possessed by various individual since birth. These qualities are god gifted. on the basis of such qualities
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The resources imported are helps in building better future.
Community: they provide jobs to Maori population and help the local business to grow, they also help community by sponsoring sports programmes in New Zealand.
Environment: Xero lighting solution helps environment as it reduces the use of fuel in vehicles, Xero help in green initiative by provides data storage solution and reducing use of papers in businesses.
Stakeholders: investors are the key people for the company as stakeholders are the person who is the owners of the company. In todays world investors are considered as important people and xero is one of the company which as impressed its stakeholders. Stakeholders according to Xero are social responsibility of the company and there should be development of stakeholders within and outside organisation.
Stakeholders are investors of the company so they are key targeted people for the organisation. Any person in world would like to invest in organisation which would help him to get profits and which is running profitablably so investor look for good repudiated company.
Xero leadership help company to present transparency,. Responsibility, accountability and fairness in front of
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