Theories Providing a Comprehensive and Complimentary Approach to Careers Counsellors Advising Clients.

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Theories providing a comprehensive and complimentary approach to careers counsellors advising clients. The three theories I have chosen are Holland’s, ‘Theory of Types’, Supers ‘Life Span Theory ‘and Krumboltz’s Social Learning Theory. These three theories when used in conjunction with each other appear to provide the most comprehensive and complimentary approach for careers counsellors when advising clients. Holland’s Theory of Types is based on the assumption that personality types are reflected in an Individuals choice of employment. Individuals have a natural inclination to gravitate towards like- minded people, who in turn reinforce their ideas and view of the world, and who see things from the same perspective. In the work…show more content…
Within each of these stages an Individual will be exhibiting each of the sections in relation to separate aspects of their lives. For example, an Early Adult 25-45 may exhibit a decline in sports undertaken in adolescence as social opportunities grow and they establish a career path exploring opportunities within a given field and maintaining a secure position in which to raise a family, whereas a Late adult 65+ will exhibit declining working hours as they look to retirement and maintaining hobbies, establishing goals such as travel with the newly found free time, exploring retirement options and possibly moving to a smaller dwelling whilst growing family links and non- vocational roles. It is important to note that Super recognises that not all Individual’s go through each stage consecutively or at the ages suggested. Rather, Super suggests that some stages are in fact recycled over a lifetime with Individuals revisiting some stages in order to take into account changes in their environment such as redundancy. At this point an Individual may re-evaluate previous experiences and start the exploration process again in order to change career path in response to changes in circumstances. Using Supers Model, counsellors can help clients to clarify their sense of self within the framework supplied. Through identifying what developmental

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