Theories That Contribute to the Dignity of Nurses and Patients

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One of the theories that most contributes to and enhances the dignity of both nurses and patients is that of Jeanne Watson who recognized the tendency of nurses to relapse into demotivation for their job and into trivializing it or seeing it as a mechanical set of duties.
Watson recommends that we see nursing as an art rather than as an obligation to cure and that we turn back to the remembrance of our original desire for wishing to become a nurse. The duties of nursing, she proposes, has turned us from motivation (or "body") into machine, making us lose our original purpose and turning nursing into a profession that is contrary to what it is inherently supposed to be. Nursing is supposed to be a spiritual profession involving healing as per the literal and traditional sense of the word, literally 'nursing'. To retain that focus and adherence to the meaning involves a holistic, spiritual focus on all aspects of the patient and on realizing the significance and impact of the nurse-patient dynamic. According to Watson (2001), we can do this by following the three grounding principles of her theory which are: (a) the carative factor by mindfully and calmly practicing loving kindness to the patient, (b) the transpersonal caring relationship and, (c) the caring occasion/ caring moment which is a special kind of human relationship that transcends one's own ego in caring and dedication to the needs of the others.
The carative factor is comprised of ten qualities:
Practicing a

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