The Young Earth Theory: The Four Views Of Creation

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The Young Earth Theory

There are four main views on how our planet Earth was created. The first view is the Young Earth View, which states that planet Earth was created in literal days. God created everything within a seven 24 hour periods. The second view on how the Earth was created is The Day Age (Old Earth) theory. This theory suggests that God created the world in different ages, because one large chunk of time to us might merely mean a day to God. This explains why people believe that the Earth could be billions of years old. The third view of creation is the Restoration View (Gap Theory). This theory suggests that God created the Earth but there was a long gap between each stage that it allowed the Earth to form into what it is today. And last but not least is the Literary Framework which says that each of the other theories are wrong because they all miss the point of what the book of Genesis is trying to explain to us. Me, personally, I believe in the first theory, Young Earth View. That is how I have always looked at it and the other ways just do not seem to make any sense to me. Now that being said, I started considering The Day Age (Old Earth) theory because it seems like it could explain so much of what science has found and it could tie into the book of Genesis. But after reading “The Genesis Debate” a chapter in a book titled “Across the Spectrum Understanding Issues in Evangelical Theology” written by Boyd and Eddy, I noticed that they had some scripture

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