Theories for Sexually Deviant Behavior

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Introduction Each one of us, at some point in our lives, witness or come across people who have a behavior that cannot be termed as being normal. Depending on the severity of the deviant behavior that some people possess, they are labeled as offenders or criminals. However, it should be noted here that every criminal is some kind of an offender. The general broad terms that are used to categorize the aforementioned people are sexual offenders, violent offenders and substance abuse offenders. These are only some of the many kinds of offenders that are present in almost every society. In this paper, we shall discuss some of theoretical frameworks or models that have been used in the past to explain and predict the deviant behavior of sexual offenders and the kind of treatment these people are given. Moreover, we shall also look at some of the problems that arise from their treatment. Theories for Sexually Deviant Behavior Ever since psychology and psychologists have existed, a lot of work has been done to devise the theoretical model of the sexual offenders. The main reason why psychologists have worked on these models is that it can help them understand how the minds of these people work. As a result, it can help these people predict the behavior of such offenders and work out ways to treat them. In this part of the paper, we shall briefly discuss some of the commonly known theories of sexual deviancy that causes these people to commit offence. All of us are well aware
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