Theories for Therapy

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Introduction The endeavour at providing remediation of health problems and the provision of diagnosis on the issue under investigation is a common phenomenon. This feature has existed in the world since time immemorial. These modes of treatments can be categorized as either prophylactic or preventive and entail discussion between the patient/ patients and the psychologist and it derives its name from the concept of talk therapy. Among the therapies that exist include sex therapy. Also, in the provisions of these psychological remedies, various theories are applied and they range from the likes of concurrent and conjoint theories. These theories are also associates with various therapies which derive their names from the theories. Sex Therapy Among issues where therapy is quite widespread relate with those of sex and so is the existent of the concept of sex therapy. Sex therapy constitutes the provision of remedies to individuals with sexual dysfunctions and this is mostly done with couples in relationships. However individuals not in relationships are also catered for in this form of treatment. Fundamentally, it refers to the management and cure of sexual dysfunctions. The abnormalities under treatment in sex therapy include physical and psychological problems. Examples of such issues are unnecessary sexual fetish, low sexual drive, non-consummation, low sexual confidence, premature ejaculation and painful intercourse among others. Sex therapists also deal with
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