Essay on Theories of Causation of Crime and Its Solution

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If we studied through the history of criminal theory, spiritual and natural theories are taken as major theories of causation of crime. During medieval period, spiritual explanations were taken as punishment given by god for doing wrong things and any natural disasters like flood, fires, etc were evaluated as curse of high power. In modern period, the basic theories of causation of crime are classical theory, biological theory, psychological theory, cultural theory and conflict theory. The classical theory explains that free will acts as center of crime giving example of free will of children that may commit crime which cannot be paid once it committed. In the 19th century, the biological…show more content…
He showed the correlation of phenomena like poverty, divorce rates, religiosity, etc to suicide rates. The sociological disorganization theory supports that socioeconomic disadvantage i.e. unemployment and gender inequality are considered as the significant factors that are responsible for crime. The world history pointed that the unemployment was considered as leading cause of Hitler arisen and breaking of the Second World War (1933-1945). During Hitler’s rule, unemployed youths were badly addicted to drugs and alcohol that encountered worse socioeconomic condition of German. The war caused casualties of 10 millions of people and destructed many physical infrastructures of the Europe. The unemployed situation leads to high possibility of crime due to unstable psychological state and economic restraints. The famous economist Karl Marx believed that capitalism creates crime in which a little people have high income but majority of people have low income that fosters criminal activities (Sims,1997). Similarly, the gender discrimination leads to violent crime against women that can be still found at high rates in developing countries. For instance, violent social crimes against women in South Asia due to dowry

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