Theories of Classical Management

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The classical approach were established and carried out in the early 1900centyry. Group of technician, manager and scientist came up with idea in order to reduce industrial dispute. They are Frederick Taylor-the theory of scientific management, Max Weber- theory of bureaucracy, and Henri Fayol – theory of classical management. Most of them theories were based on the principal for a comprehensive theory of management. Now I am going to discuss about perspective view of each theories. Frederick Taylor came up with the principal theory of scientific management. His theory put emphasis on how an organisation can increase or gain their productivity through strong management control and supervision on worker and planning and maintain structure of organisation. He believe in so called “Division of labour”-worker can do best and process can be run smoothly if worker assigned to a limited number of specific task. He argued best result will out come if the employee appointed for a specific task and monitor them closely. Taylor found out that lack of employee initiative in the work place was the major issue of inefficient work in the organisation. He believes that the organisation emphasis more on external job rather than focusing on internal process of the production line, giving less priority to the external process created negative impact on organisation such as waste of time, human effort and materials. The reasons behind that were at that time most of the organization used to
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