Theories of Communication Essay

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Intro: Theories of Communications, is a course that allowed me to further gain a far better perspective and has also broadened my understanding and knowledge of some of the major theories. I appreciate the fact, that during the course of the semester, this class really did an admirable job introducing me to a variety of well known and widely studied theories in the communication feild. One of the biggest things I took out of this class, was how the class impled me to learn how to apply some of the theories to my life in a practical way through some of the class activities, readings, group work, presentations, and assignments. In the following paper, there will be three main things I will be covering. I will start off by introducing all…show more content…
Definition: Familly Communication Theory is "based on a general theory of relational schemas that emerged from recent advances in the filed of cognitive social psychology" (Theory of Family Communication, p. 1). This theory was also built from the research of mass media, and also built from the previous work from cognitive social psychology. This theory is believed to be the reson why people communicate the way they do based on cognitive orientations in family relationships (Koerner & Fitzpatrick, pg. 50). In addition, according to Ascan Koerner & Mary Fitzpatrick, there is no set definition for the theory of Family Communication Patterns per se. However, Koerner & Fitzpatrich do give an explanation in our class text that the theory of Family Communication Patterns "takes a view of communication that is both cognitive and interpersonal" (pg. 50, class text ). They both also explain that theorising about family commnication, "depends on intrapersonal and on interpersonal processes" (pg. 50, class text). The variables that the variables that contrues family communication can be found within each individual and the family system (). Furtheremore, there also has to be consideration of both intersubjectivity and interactivity. Intersubjectivity refers to sharing of cognitions or meanings that family members assign to their communication behaviors in a communicative experiance or event. Considering that,
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