Theories of Counselling

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Abstract The paper topic is 'theories to counseling'. The paper basically looks at the use of person-centered therapy and approach to help a patient Henderson to overcome his personal issues of self-esteem and confidence as well as improve the impact that his childhood has on his current life as well as his future. The paper is thus divided across different sections that briefly describe the counseling approach, the interventions, goals as well as overall diagnosis of the case. Person-Centered Approach to Counselling Providing Concerns The concerns with the case conceptualization was the recognition of the fact that Henderson was a prime candidate of low self-esteem and devastating childhood experiences that were holding him back in his adult life even though he was equipped to overcome them as well as come out of them a stronger and more successful human being. The primary aim thus of the counseling sessions and therapy offered to Henderson had to revolve around personal growth and confidence in not just in who he was now but the events that led him to be who he was now. The main aim was to assist him in overcoming the self-esteem issues so that his own interpretation of his childhood and its impact could be improved. This had to be done by not just embracing the past but also a sense of letting go and forgiving what had happened and who had cause it to happen. The suggestion of counseling thus here is the use of the person-centered approach of counseling to allow
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