Theories of Crime Causation Essay example

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Major Theories of Crime Causation
Robert Lincoln
CJ 102-02
Kaplan University
August 4, 2013
Major Theories of Crime Causation Various units contain a number of theories that try to explain the causes of crime in the society. The theories have been developed to have an in-depth understanding of the crime and how best they can be addressed to ensure that humans live in a conducive environment. These units and theories have been around and in use from as early as the twentieth century. Over the years, theorists and researchers have engaged their minds in trying to find answers and possibly cab the high level of crime that the world faces today (Siegel, 2010). Many of the theories developed give varying analytical statistics on the
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Since a human being is a rational actor, where rationality involves ends and means, it includes also calculations (Goodwin, 2005). In line with this people tend to choose freely behavior, both conforming and deviant basing on the rational calculations they made prior to their choosing behavior patterns. This means that the rational choices are very important in determining how an individual behaves over a long period. This is because the rational choices are part and parcel of the individual`s life in terms of survival. It is understood that the central element of calculation concerning this matter involves a cost benefit analysis; this is where a choice has to be arrived between pleasure and pain. Fundamentally, when all other circumstances are the same, the choice made will be moved towards the intensification of a person`s preference; at this point perception and understanding of potential pain or punishment involved following the choice made, controls the very choice prioritized. Studies reveal that lucid choice sprung from older and more investigational groups of theoretical contiguous of experiential verdicts of various technical examinations related to the mechanisms of human nature. This theory borrows concepts of economics to emphasize on non-contributory motives for crime basing on the limited and more bounded nature of the lucid process associated with the theory.
Trait theory:
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