Theories of Crime Comparison

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Theories on Crime Comparison Angelika L. Arnold AJS/542 May 20, 2013 Marcela Morales

Theories on Crime Comparison For several years, theorists have come to the conclusion that people commit crimes for several different reasons. Some say that criminals are born; some say that it is because of self gratification and the need to be rewarded. Theorists believe that there is a psychological, biological, and sociobiological theory that will explain the genuine
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Charles Manson was born to a 16 year-old unmarried girl named by the name of Kathleen Maddox. ("Charles Manson Biography", n.d.) Kathleen was sent to jail for auto theft and Charles spent much of his early childhood with his strict and religious grandmother and aunt. Soon Charles began living a life of freedom with his mother, he began to commit crimes and live the lifestyle of a criminal. Though it would seem that Manson would live a strict lifestyle because he was with his grandmother during a critical age, reuniting with his mother changed his entire makeup. This story is a prime example of the psychological theory. One of the fundamental assumptions of the psychological theory is inappropriate learning, improper conditioning, and the emulation of inappropriate role models ("Three Theories of Criminal Behavior," n.d.). It is clear that due to Manson’s upbringing, it possibly enhanced his criminal behavior. The influence of an individual’s criminal behavior can be related to the environment and family dynamics of such individual. Charles Manson is the father of Charles Manson Jr. It is not correct to say that because Charles Sr. was a criminal that Charles Jr. would grow up to become a criminal like his father. If the biological theory was true, Charles Jr. would have inherited his father’s criminal behavior. Personality and Criminal Behavior The relationship between personality and criminal behavior could pertain to a large
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