Theories of Development Essay

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Theories of Development Three different theorists were considered in this assignment. Two children were used to explore the theories of development by Piaget, Vygotsky and Kohlberg. One child tested was a fourteen-year-old female named Kari. Kari is currently at the grade 8 level and performs well academically. The other child tested was a six-year-old female named Meghan. Meghan is currently in Kindergarten. Meghan performs at an average level academically. The assigned tasks were completed with the child and myself alone together to avoid distraction. Each child was evaluated on the same evening. I wanted to ensure I would present the tasks in a similar manner for each child. To explore Piaget's theories two different…show more content…
Meghan is in Piaget's preoperational stage. This would be age appropriate according to Piaget. The other Piagetian task was to observe the child for concrete operational thinking. I took nine index cards and stuck pictures of food onto them. There were three pictures of different meat, three pictures of different vegetables and three pictures of different desserts. I then instructed the child to make as many meals as possible by mixing up the cards as often and however they wished. The only limitation was that each meal had to have meat, vegetable and a dessert. I was hoping that the hands on approach would make it a true test of the concrete operations level. Kari identified twenty-seven different meals. This is the maximum combination for the limits set. Kari was very methodical in moving the index cards around the floor. Kari looked at the cards for a moment and then started rotating through the possibilities very systematically. She performed this task quite rapidly. It seemed obvious that she viewed the situation, used abstract thinking to decide how to handle it and continued with the task. The results indicate that Kari has reached the stage of formal operations as would be age appropriate according to Piaget. Meghan identified three meals. Prior to handling the index cards Meghan talked about her favourite
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