Theories of Different Leadership Styles and Their Application

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Leadership Styles and Theories Applied: A person's leadership style can be detected through a combination of his/her personality, knowledge and skills, and experience that is expressed in words and actions. Leadership is an obtained and growing process and people at all organizational levels need to continue developing and improving their knowledge and skills. There are various ways with which an individual can acquire knowledge about his/her personality and identify the existing and potential leadership style. Some of these ways include the use of the Enneagram instrument, the Blake Mouton Managerial Grid, and other articles regarding leadership. Choosing between People or Task Orientation: Based on the results of the Enneagram test and Blake and Mouton Leadership Grid, my personality score is between 7 and six with country club and team leadership styles. The country club style is one in which the leader is attentive to the needs of his/her people and has established fulfilling work culture and relationships at the expense of achievement of results. On the other hand, the team style is one where the leader accomplishes high performance at work by encouraging people to be committed to the organization's goals ("Blake and Mouton Leadership Grid", n.d.). According to the results of my personality test, I have both the helper and loyalty personality traits. Consequently, I am a hard-working, committed, responsible, reliable, and trustworthy individual that likes to
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