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In taking part in the Seven Habits Profile, it is easy to see what parts take precedence and which go on the back burner. While knowing what the end goal is, there is not motivation and there is evident procrastination. These are shown in sections 4 and 5. For example, I want to advance in my career within the hospital setting but have been slow in completing tasks for my higher level degrees. Knowing what my long term goals are is one of the qualities I have that make me an authentic leader. Also, my desire to work with others is high. In taking the Seven Habits Profile, I learned I am fairly even across the board with a few outliers. Having everything so across the board shows that I have the same care for my own thoughts as I do others.…show more content…
A weakness I have that is large is building resilience (Metcalf, 2014). I can be a little sensitive at times when there is criticism. I must learn to focus on my own strengths and not take experiences so personally, but rather use it as learning tool for the future. There is always room to improve yourself. First step is to build self-awareness (Metcalf, 2014). This is to really see who you are within in regard to leadership style. Then learn about the people you interact with and their leadership style. When learning what all involved different leadership styles are, it is easier to make an environment where all party’s styles are balanced and comfortable with interacting with one another. Another change is to respond to situations a little quicker while still have myself and genuinely in the equation. This is to “ learn to expand your repertoire of skills and behaviors.” This takes listening skills as wells as understanding, even when disagreeing with the person speaking to you. Lastly, learning to utilize my emotional intelligence will help with success. Learning to understand others and being flexible to get to their level to get the job done. I must learn to practice patience and not get irritated when someone is not doing things the same way I would. S.M.A.R.T. goals are a tool to goal
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