Theories of Management

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Theories gave organizations a framework for knowledge and a guide to achieving their goals. The Industrial Revolution prompted the need for better supervision of workers to boost productivity within the automobile, steel, and coal industries. It is because of this need that the various theories of management began to take shape. The classical management theory, which came about during the Industrial Revolution, focused on the single best way to perform and manage tasks. This enabled factories to operate year round and mass production of goods. But as the revolution went on, the factories divided into separate schools of thought regarding management yet still considered it to be a part of classical. The emphasis on manufacturing and…show more content…
robberies, burglaries, and car thefts. It is from that information that supervisors can determine the areas that require more police presence. Most law enforcement agencies are made up of subsystems that allow the agency to function. These subsystems, such as the Detective Bureau, Administrative Bureau, Service Bureau, and Uniform Patrol Bureau all operate together as a whole which is what the systems school approach to management is based on. The managers of each of the bureaus are aware of the others function and communicate often. This is important so that the plans of one bureau do not negatively affect those of another. When an agency joins forces, so to speak, with an outside agency it 's known as synergy. It increases the effectiveness of the cooperation. The systems approach tells managers to keep employees focused on the objective so that overall goals can be met. The contingency school theory is when those in management use approaches or take actions depending on that particular situation. This theory supports suing all or parts of past theories to solve a problem. Law enforcement utilizes this approach on a daily basis. Officers respond to calls for service in which they are expected to rectify. They use their years of experience and training along with past incidents of similarity and decide on what actions are necessary to take. The contingency school is based on
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