Theories of the Atonement

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Erickson (1998) says there are a few theories on the atonement depending on how your read certain scripture, the theories are as follows: The Socinian Theory (1998:801); This theory speaks of Christ on the Cross as a perfect example of what kind of dedication followers of God must do, there is no connection to a sacrificial death whatsoever. The moral influence theory (1998:802); This theory believes the cross was an example of God’s love and not much more. The Governmental theory (1998:806); This theory sees the death of Christ on the Cross as atonement and also as a picture to the believer as to how serious sin is, and it must not be taken lightly. The Ransom Theory (1998:810); In this theory it is proposed, and quite popularly so, that…show more content…
“Accordingly reconciliation proceeds by doing away with sin, and the method of doing this was by the atoning death of Christ” (Morris 1965:250). What is being said, and the conclusion we have already come to, yet are just confirming, is that sin was our problem, God through Christ on the cross was our solution, this is our atonement, Christ’s death on the Cross, and this is our Gospel. “Moved by the perfection of His Holy love, God in Christ substituted himself for us sinners. That is the heart of the cross of Christ… What God in Christ has done through the cross is to rescue us, disclose Himself and overcome evil” (Stott 2006:195).

“So in Christ, believing in Christ, incorporated in Him, we can face the law without any fear, without any tremor or quiver” (Lloyd-Jones 2003:336). The good Doctor here is speaking about the law given to the Israelites for them to be set apart from other nations, and for them to be set apart for God, the law was impossible to keep, yet there was a way around it with the animal sacrifices, this Jesus fulfilled completely in His atoning death on the cross, the law no longer has any power over those who believe in Jesus.

“If he was going to accomplish the work that the Father sent Him to do, and if people were going to be redeemed for God, then it was necessary for Him to die on the cross…there was no other way for God to save us than for Christ to die in our place” (Grudem
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