Theories on How the Universe Works

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Both these question can be answered on the same page. A number of aspects of the universe can be understood only in the light of more recent unifications theories. To understand the GUT era or Grand Unification Theory era we need to know that it occurred when the universe was subject to the force of gravity and GUT force. The GUT force “predicts that the strong force becomes unified with the weak and electromagnetic forces at energies above 10^14 GeV.” The Grand Unified Theory states that for the three forces to merge together, the temperature of the universe has to be greater than 10^32 K. The GUT era lasted until the temperature of the universe dropped to about 10^29 K. at this point the GUT forces separated into electromagnetic and strong forces. This temperature was reached when the universe was at the young age of about 10^-36 of a second. This sudden cooling caused something called inflation. Inflation was a rapid and sudden expansion of the universe. Basically the unified theories state that the four forces, strong, electromagnetic, weak, and gravitational will merge at extremely high temperatures. Although we have a few assumptions about the GUT, scientist have not been able to succeed in creating the details that have to do with a supergrand unified theory, also referred to as the theory of everything.
To help explain how the four forces each play a role in today’s universe today we need to know what they are. Gravity is probably one of the easiest of the four
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